Global Signing Service 

Legally binding digital signature 

100% transparent for the end user 

Simple integration within existing platforms to offer new possibilities to your customers.


Our engine detects the right workflow in order to connect to the right certification authority and issue a compliant digitally signed document.


It integrates your platforms so that your clients and external partners can easily sign documents via your ebanking, client portals, mobile applications or on-boarding solution.


Out-of-the-box solution integrated with certified digital signature providers. Eidas and Zertes (Swiss law on electronic signature) compliant. Supporting any level of signatures required and defined by the business.


Legally binding signed document with official timestamp and authenticity guaranteed (the document can not be modified once it is signed).

The technology behind the digital signature has been proven but it is not easy to understand. Term such as PKI, digital certificate, cryptologic method,etc. bear a high complexity. 

The interaction of the various components, processes, identities and roles for the different applications have to be provided by experts for an easy and everyday use. 

If you plan to setup a digital signature project, Signatys can support you in this process.

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