Send, Review & Sign with SIGNMIT


A simple solution to exchange instantly with your clients
receive secured and compliant decisions

Speed up your process to send documents and receive client acknowledgements and decisions. 

Save costs and time for your business processes with qualified digital signature.

Manage secured verifications with your customers in 3 simple steps :


  1. Receive notification alerting for a new document
  2. Connect to SignMit app with 2FA mechanism (biometry and soft token)
  3. Review and decide (sign)


Add legally binding and certified digital signature for critical decisions

Manage and track all events to keep a body of evidence and comply with regulations

Collect easily evidences in the audit trail in case of dispute 

SignMit can be used by any kind of industries

to digitize any decisions workflows and manage multi approvals


Experience the SignMit Banking package to set advanced or qualified signatures to cover dedicated banking use cases : 

  • Callback: Transactions authorization agreement 
  • Advisory: Investment proposals validation 
  • MiFID II / LSFin: Pre trade suitability report, Opt-in/Opt out documentation for customer classification change, Repapering
  • Onboarding contracts: Document signatures


SignMit integration with any backend to automate and facilitate documents and contracts submission:
Banking hosts (Temenos, Avaloq,…), BPO, CRM, Mail, WebApp.

Mobile app can be white-labeled to reflect the bank image policy. It can be deployed via EMM solution technologies or public stores (AppStore, PlayStore).


Signatys approach


​Registration, signature and any paper processes are laborious and costly for businesses.

With more than 5 years spent within the digital signature and client decisions areas, Signatys have built a significant expertise to provide our clients dedicated services and end to end solutions.

In partnership with the main market actors (Trusted Service Providers, Integrators) we propose our clients a unique approach to manage trusted digital relationships.


Temenos Partnership


SignMit is now integrated to work with Temenos digital platforms and can be plugged into thousands of Banks’ existing systems. Temenos customers can now access easily and quickly to our solution allowing them to speed up the process to send documents and receive their customers decision in a compliant and secured way


Certificate Service Providers


We work with known Certificate Service Providers to manage qualified and advanced trusted signatures such as SwissSign, Swisscom and Wisekey in Switzerland and other Certificate Authorities recognized in EU and around the world.




Key features 

Strong authentication

2FA authentication

Login into the mobile app with biometrics and soft token

User friendly strong authentication compliant PSD2

Legally binding: compliant Zertes (swiss law) and Eidas (EU)

Out-of-the-box solution integrated with certified digital signature providers

Advanced or qualified signatures 

Audit trail

Retrieve easily body of evidence

Track and carefully register all the events 

Detect user behavior; when the document is read, how long,…


Secure mobile app

Standalone app (white-labeled) for any phones and tablets (iOS, Android)

Integrated within existing app through SDK

Security layer for mobile device


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