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Legally Binding Electronic Signature

Signatys supports and provides you the tools to integrate electronic signature into your business.

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How It Works?

Signatys offers an electronic signature solution legally valid in Switzerland and globally. Collect your customers and employees signature remotely in a secure way.

Download your documents and sign them digitally from our desktop Web client or via our dedicated mobile application.

All the events are tracked in an audit trail to provide body evidence in case of customer complaint or legal issue. 


APIs are available to be integrated in your own environment. Ebanking implementation allows documents signature directly from your client area. Digitize any kind of workflow requiring a signature.

Key Features

Signatys is specialized in the management of electronic signatures for sensitive and highly confidential documents. The solution can be integrated on premises for guaranteed security or be used on our cloud instance hosted in Switzerland. 

Qualified and Advanced Electronic Signature

Legally binding according to Swiss law (Zertes) and  European law (Eidas).  

Audit Trail 

Track and carefully register all the events. Retrieve easily body of evidence.

Visual signature

Add your callygraphic signature on your documents.


Several signatories can sign one document.

Use Cases

Signatys supports financial institutions and law firms with electronic signature integration in their business process.

Financial institutions 

Signatys covers use cases accross the customer lifecycle and this from the onboarding phase with account opening forms. We allow to respond to new regulations such as MiFID II and LSfin. Investment proposals and payment authorizations (CallBack) can be validated online.

Law firms 

Coupling the Qualified Electronic Signature to Incamail for electronic registered shipping, allows lawyers to send their files to the courts and to the various jurisdictions until midnight.

Human Ressources

Transform HR from hiring to retiring. Avoid paperwork by offering a simple and effective solution for signing employment contracts. Signatys also helps you manage sensitive end-of-contract agreements.


Board of directors  

Signatys allows signing room creation to facilitate board members signatures. All internal validations between employees can also be managed remotely in order to avoid unnecessary round trips. 

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